Houston Emergency Towing Services

Emergency Towing Services in Houston

Emergency towing is any kind of tow when the vehicle to be towed must be removed from the scene urgently, most times this is because the longer the vehicle is allowed to remain in place the higher the chances of it causing a traffic accident.
Many times emergency towing has to do with removing vehicles which were damaged in car crashes. Such vehicles may be positioned in ways which make loading them on to the tow truck very challenging. The condition they are in is also something which may make towing them especially challenging.
At Dolphins Auto Towing we are regularly called upon to perform emergency towing jobs. We always arrive on the scene in under 30 min and have the vehicle in need of towing removed in no time flat.

Professionalism Is the Key To Safety

Emergency towing jobs are ones where less than highly professional handling may mean further damage to property, not to mention risk of bodily harm and even death. It takes skill and extensive experience to know how to best position a tow truck so that a damaged vehicle may be removed from the scene of the car crash it was involved in both quickly and safely.
When the vehicle to be towed is obstructing traffic it is essential that the tow techs take precautions to keep everyone involved safe, the car’s driver and passengers must be instructed to keep clear away and the tow techs themselves must make themselves clearly visible and position themselves in a way which ensures they themselves will not be hit.

Getting the Job Done ASAP

With emergency towing getting the job done fast is extremely important. Vehicles which are involved in emergency towing jobs are many times positioned in a way which may cause a traffic accidents to occur. Not only that but being naturally curious drivers tend to slow down when passing scenes of traffic accidents, so long as the damaged vehicles are still there that is.
Dolphins Auto Towing is a local, Houston based towing and roadside assistance services provider. As such, we are intimately acquainted with Houston’s roads and governing traffic conditions. This, along with our extensive fleet of tow trucks, ensures that we can make our way to the scene of an emergency towing job extremely fast. We guarantee a 30 min for every job we undertake, so far as emergency towing is concerned we usually manage to cut response time even further than that.

Towing Vehicles Damaged In Car Crashes

Every towing job must be handled professionally or things can go very wrong. So far as emergency towing is concerned this is especially true. Loading up a vehicle which was damaged in a car crash is very different than towing away a vehicle immobilized only due to a mechanical breakdown.
At Dolphins Auto Towing Houston we employ only top of their field techs, our techs can easily handle any type of tow job, including emergency towing ones when the vehicles to be towed are badly damaged and positioned in extremely challenging ways

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