Houston Towing Services

All Types Of Auto Towing Services In Houston

Dolphins Auto Towing provides all types of towing services in and around Houston. We’ve made sure to have what it takes both in terms of highly professional techs as well as state of the art tow trucks and equipment in order to be able to easily handle any type of towing challenge you may throw our way. Our auto towing services are available 24 hours a day, all year round. We guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location within the greater Houston area. To top all of this off we offer hard to beat rates.

Flatbed Towing and Dolly Towing

Flatbed towing is considered to be the faster, safer method of towing and so it is easy to understand why most of our tow trucks are flatbed ones. But there are times when dolly towing should be the preferred method of towing, such as when performing a light duty tow over a relatively short distance. This is why we also operate several dolly type tow trucks and will utilize one of them when dolly towing is the way to go.

Emergency Towing and Accident Removals

No one likes to be kept waiting long next to an immobilized vehicle but sometimes it is especially important to quickly remove a vehicle that’s obstructing traffic such as one that has been involved in a traffic accident.
At Dolphins Auto Towing we are regularly called upon to perform emergency towing of vehicles which now pose a hazard to passing by traffic. We never fail to meet the 30 min ETA we promise, no matter where in the greater Houston area the vehicle to be towed is located. Once on spot our highly skilled techs proceed to load up the disabled vehicle and haul it away in no time.

Local and Long Distance Towing

We at Dolphins Auto Towing offer both local towing as well as long distance towing. This means you can rely on us not only for towing vehicles between locations in or around Houston but also to tow vehicles from Houston to destinations hundreds of miles away, on occasion of relocating for instance.
You can count on us at Dolphins Auto Towing to provide you with any kind of tow you may need, no matter what type of vehicle you need towed nor what the circumstances are. One of our state of the art tow trucks will arrive in 30 min or less from the moment you give our dispatch a call. Once on spot our highly skilled techs will proceed to load up the vehicle to be towed and tow it away in no time.
Being a local company we know Houston intimately and can guarantee to complete any kind of towing job in record time.
We offer top quality, comprehensive, super fast auto towing services. Our rates are highly competitive. If you need any type of towing in or around Houston giving us a call is the best move you can make.

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